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Student Support Binder - tailored to your needs

Student Support Binder - tailored to your needs

Crafting and Organising a hardcopy Student Support Binder.


Busy parents and caregivers managing various responsibilities can greatly benefit from the convenience and organisation provided by a tailored Student Support Binder. With all necessary documents and resources consolidated in one place, it becomes easier to navigate your child's academic journey and prepare for meetings with school staff and healthcare professionals.


Starting from scratch and collaborating to gather all pertinent information ensures that the binder is specifically catered to your child's needs. Additionally, with guidance on transitioning to an electronic format (if needed), you gain the flexibility to access important documents from any location. Picture the relief of having everything neatly arranged and readily accessible whenever required, saving you time and alleviating stress.


If you're eager to simplify your family's crucial school-related paperwork, I'm available to assist. Just let me know, and together we can embark on creating a personalised Student Support Binder that aligns with your unique preferences and requirements. 


Please note: Pricing, excludes printing of school reports. Postage, as arrangements can be made for the completed Student Support Binder to be collected.


My prices are based on time and materials. 


Price includes:


  • Initial Zoom call to establish your needs
  • Stationery and materials for crafting the binder
  • Collaboration time to gather and organise all pertinent information
  • Customisation of the binder to specifically cater to your child's needs
  • Guidance on transitioning to an electronic format for added flexibility
  • Assistance with setting up and arranging the binder
  • Support and adjustments as needed to ensure the binder meets your requirements
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